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Addition and alterations to the roof will gain to your property a new character in accordance with the existing one.  We can provide Class B-C-G-H types of roof services for your property.

Some of the additions and alterations which will differ across the scale of the development, its dimensions and volume can require planning permission.

If you want to alter or make an addition to your roof in accordance with permitted development rights:

  • New materials and colours to match existing
  • Any part of the house not to exceed the height of the highest part of the existing roof
  • The cubic content of the enlarged roof space not to exceed the cubic content of the original roof space by more than 40 cubic metres for a terrace house or 50 cubic metres in other cases
  • Not to protrude more than 0.15 m
  • Not to contain any additional balcony, verandah or raised platform
  • No extension beyond the plane of the existing roof slope of the front elevation that faces the highway
  • Not to be located in a conservation area
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the installation and replacement of the chimney require planning permission?

Loft conversions sometimes necessitate the installation, modification or replacement of chimneys, flues and pipes. While these are not permitted development under Class B, they may be permitted development under Class G. Contact us for more details.

Is alteration to the roof for loft conversion involving the creation of balcony permitted development?

No, a new balcony will require planning permission, therefore you need to submit a planning application.

Do I need planning permission for the installation of solar panels?

Whilst solar panels are not permitted development under Class C, they may not require planning permission if they fulfil the standards set out under Part 14 in Schedule 2 of the General Permitted Development Order.

Couldn’t decide your roof type yet?

Your roof design will differ across scale, volume and street/building character. Let’s give us more details about your property to inform you for cost-effective and useful roof solutions!

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