134 south ROAD


Postcode : RH16 4LT

cOUNCIL : mıd Sussex dıstrıct

Sıte Area : 81.88 square meters

Year : 2021

type : commercıal

Existing Use : Charity Shop 


The proposals involve; Change of use from retail E to hot food takeaway (Sui Generis), the installation of an extraction unit to rear elevation, a new bin area and new internally illuminated shop sign .

Applications Ref: DM/21/2156 and DM/21/2201

Applications Dates : 01/06/2021 and 07/06/2021

We produced architectural drawings and liaised with extraction system and acoustic noise report companies. We submitted the application and liaised with the council.

The application was Granted Permission by Mid Sussex District Council.

Decision Issued Dates: 17.08.2021 and 03.08.2021

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